The dietary requirement of shrimps for certain minerals will depend on the amounts and availability of these minerals in the aquatic environment. Dietary sources for growth may be necessary due to losses during moltings. Rapid development of exoskeleton is vital as the animal is susceptible to external body damage and infection. Animal molt their exoskeleton at regular intervals, thus the body requirement of calcium and phosphorus varies from time to time. However, immediately after molting, the requirement of calcium and phosphorus for vannamei is at its peak. At the same time for the high bioavailability and better absorption of these minerals supplementation of diets with enzymes is much required. It has been reported that there are considerable losses of water-soluble vitamins from body (especially in low saline waters) into water during molting and during diet processing, storage, and exposure to seawater during feeding which needs to be replenished mostly through diet. More importantly to avoid from infections that may damage during molting it is very much essential to enhance the immunity. Under such circumstances NUTRIZYME provides optimum supplementation of components for quick shell formation avoiding infection.


  • Nutrizyme with its mineral premix provides substantial amounts of calcium & phosphorus to the shrimp.
  • The multi enzyme complex acts on digestion and absorption of diet and dietary supplements
  • The vitamin losses from body during molting can be effectively replenished by Nutrizyme vitamin premix.
  • Nutrizyme sea weed extract ensures the resistance against infections, faster body weight gain & improved Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)


Vitamin premix, Mineral premix, Multi-enzymes and Seaweed extract


  • Under molting conditions 20grams/kg of feed.
  • Under molting conditions 10grams/kg of feed.
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