Allways is a balanced nutritional formula, specially designed and formulated with anti-stress formula, keeping the nutritional requirements of the prawn in mind. Allways contains Vitamins, Electrolytes. These vitamins and electrolytes act as booster dose for the prawn. The role of vitamins in Allways is to ensure to help restore metabolism and feed utilization and to help restore damaged tissue back to normal.


  • Shrimp / Prawn and fish: 10 gms/kg of feed
  • Apply recommended quantity of Allways the feed pellets and broadcast after drying under shade.
  • Use Allways mixed feed on the same dry and do not store it.


1. Thiamine hydrochloride: (Vit.B1) 3.0 gms
2. Niacin: 12.0 gms
3. Riboflavin: (B2) 2.4 gms
4. Biotin: 0.06 gms
5. Pyridoxine Hydrochloride: (B6) 3.0 gms
6. Calcium Pantothenate: 4.5 gms
7. Folic Acid: 0.6 gms
8. Cyanocobalamin: (B12) 6000 mcg
9. Vit. A (as Palmitate ): 6,00,000 I.U
10. Cholecalciferol (D3): 3,00,000 I.U
11. dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (Vit.E): 1,800 I.U
12. Menadione sodium bisulfite(Vit.K): 0.3 gms
13. Potassium Chloride: 3 gms
14. Sodium Sulphate: 4.5 gms


  • Allways offers adequate protection to shrimp and can prevent a subclinical disease from turning clinical.
  • Allways enhances the growth of shrimp/fish
  • Allways boosts resistant power of the prawn and prevent stress from crating undesirable complications.
  • Allways corrects electrolyte imbalance in the shrimp and helps in a quicker improvement in growth rate.
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