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Water treatment is an important step in aquaculture management both before stocking in reservoir and during culture, especially during bacterial and viral infections, to avoid secondary and tertiary infections and to stop the flow of disease through carriers. Carriers might be any living organism that has the capacity to spread the disease from one animal to other and from one pond to others. In this tough situation we need an extreme and reliable sanitizer. ViraSafe is one such sanitizer with powerful disinfection capacity through its triple salt nature

ViraSafe is a granular white soluble solid present as component of triple salt (including Potassium sulfate and Potassium bi sulfate) having high oxidation potential derived from its per acid chemistry.


  • Potassium mono per sulfate compound :49.8%
  • Sodium chloride :2%
  • Excipients :Q.S


store in tightly closed container in a cool dry place away from children Sweep up powder spillage flush residual powder away with plenty of water.


Aqua culture pond (shrimp/fish); 500 gm to 2kg /ha.

For prevention of diseases in hatcheries and ponds apply ViraSafe once every fortnight according bacterial load levels.

For treating diseases in hatcheries and ponds apply ViraSafe once every 5-10 days or as advised by aquaculture consultant.

Application : Dissolve required quantity of ViraSafe in water outside the tank/ pond in a clean container and then spray uniformly throughout the pond/tank.


  • ViraSafe provides powerful non chlorine oxidation especially for reservoir waters instead of bleaching.
  • ViraSafe donates Oxygen to support Pond Life.
  • ViraSafe is highly effective to control and eradicate bacteria, fungi, molds and all viral families affecting Fish and Shrimp especially WSSV.
  • ViraSafe effectively controls brown and black gill even under extreme stressful conditions.
  • ViraSafe is highly effective against external fouling.
  • ViraSafe Highly effective in the presence of organic matter.can be used to oxidize hydrogen suphide and other sulphur compounds so that can be effectively used in sludge treatments ViraSafe is a complete controller through aerial, surface, pond water & watering systems.
  • ViraSafe is an excellent and safe water sterilizing agent.
  • ViraSafe is Suitable for use in all aquaculture applications including ponds, tank, hatcheries,farm equipment, and machinery and processing plants.
  • ViraSafe is always Eco-friendly and biodegradable.


ViraSafe is irritating to skin. Risk of serious damage to eyes. Keep away from children. Do not breath the dust. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water.Seek medical advice.

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