Pro-Oxy Commander


  • Pro-Oxy Commander has triple acting capabilities of neutralizing absorbed Ammonia (Nh3).
  • Pro-Oxy Commander helps rapidly increase levels of D.O. In water.
  • Pro-Oxy Commander helps to reduce the sludge in bottom.
  • Pro-Oxy Commander improves water clarity and reduces turbidity.
  • Pro-Oxy Commander instant relief to vannamei from stress.

pH Balance : Pro-Oxy Commander* is manufactured by special process because of which the pH of the pond water does not change adversely.

Reduce Waste : Pro-Oxy Commander* absorbs supended solids, refuse & filthy material.

Helps Plankton Growth : Pro-Oxy Commander* aids in uninhibited growth of plankton. Treated seed culture of non pathogenic soil inhabitant bacteria.

Improves Water Quality : Pro-Oxy Commander* by neutralizing Ammonia, removes bad odour from the pond water and improves water quality.


Pond Preparation : Scatter evenly, 50 Ks or more per acre of water spread area, upon the pond bottom or as advised by your aquaculture consultant.

During Culture : Broadcast evenly 25 Kgs or more per acre upon the pond water once every 20 days or as advised by your Aquaculture consultant.

Storage : Store in cool & dry place

Presentation : Available in 25 Kgs.


Available in 25 Kgs.


Unconsumed feed, vannamei excreta, dead animals etc, all settle at the pond bottom. Degradation of these start immediately, leading to production of obnoxious gases like Ammonia, Hydrogen sulphide etc. Presence of these gases reduces the D.O. (Dissolved Oxygen) from the pond endangering the growth of the prawn. In some case, increase in ammonia level might even cause depletion of D.O. resulting in mortality. Mode of action : Pro-Oxy Commander contains natural external of Yucca schidigera. The extract contains two components namely steroidal saponins & glyco component. The steroidal saponins which have the surfactant property and so the bacteria in the pond will utilize the nutrients better for their growth and so more digestion. The glyco components which are having great affinity for ammonia and converts harmful ammonia into not toxic form.

Pro-Oxy Commander contains Micro-organisms; When hydrogen suphide and ammonia contents in pond soil and water is high, accumulation and activity of vibrio species is accelerated. In such prevailed conditions there is a need for such a product which can be present at the bottom and augment the process of biodegradation so that the pollution load as well as vibrio load will be minimized. Matrix is come up with spatiality product Pro-Oxy Commander which reduce sludge by BIOAUGUMENTATION and bring down the pollution by competitive mechanism .

Pro-Oxy Commander also contains Calcium peroxide's oxygen release properties make it an ideal, cost effective and natural alternative for use in aquaculture for enhancing dissolved oxygen levels.

Pro-Oxy Commander is a Triple acting Organizer !!

Yucca schidegera, Micro-organisms and Calcium Peroxide

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